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Is Dillian Whyte making a mistake having he's rematch so soon?  

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I have a lot of respect for boxers as it takes a lot of guts to get into a ring to have a fight. However, I do sometimes wonder if they let their courage get the better of them when they make decisions. I wonder if this is the case with Dillian Whyte when taking the Povetkin rematch straight away after he's bad knockout loss. I understand he's pride is hurt and also the fighter in him wants to correct the mistake but after such a bad knockout I think taking the fight so quickly could backfire. I am not a massive fan of Whyte but have a lot of respect for him as he has come into boxing from a kickboxing background without having much amateur experience. Technically he is not the best boxer but he has improved a lot over time. He has also fought a lot of good opponents after losing to Joshua and to be fair to him he has deserved a title shot for a while if you compare him to others that have had a shot. I somewhat feel sorry for him as he didn't really need to take the Povetkin fight as he could have taken an easier fight as he was due a title shot next. If someone told me before the Povetkin fight that Whyte would lose I would not have been surprised as I felt the fight was 50/50. However, the moment the fight ended was the biggest surprise as Whyte looked in control but as they say in heavyweight boxing, anything can happen. 

My personal opinion is Whyte has taken the fight too soon after he's loss. Whilst I am not sure what the right time frame is he currently has 9 weeks to prepare. Had he loss with a flash knockdown or even a painful body shot I think 9 weeks would not be so bad. However, after such a bad knockout I wonder if 9 weeks gives you full time to recover. I also wonder if it is the right amount of time to correct yourself mentally as the knockout almost came out of nowhere so Whyte will constantly be on edge. Is 9 weeks enough time to prepare him? I don't think Whyte is the best technically and in all he's fights he tends to get into a brawl at some point. Povetkin may be older but has a lot more boxing experience as an amateur and professional. It's a shame as Whyte has worked himself into a mandatory position but I think all he's hard work could come to nothing as another loss will push him way back down the list. Sometimes boxers never recover from a devastating knockout, will Dillian Whyte? I hope so but I am not sure. What do you think?     

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I agree with you mate, Dillian Whyte took this fight to soon but to be honest I don't think he's that good anyway. I give him he's dues as he's done well for himself but he is not world championship level. I think Fury and Wilder would beat him and AJ already has but I even think Dubois would beat him as well at the moment. I don't think it will matter though as I think Povetkin will beat him again. I don't think Whyte can box him for 12 rounds without getting caught and even if he puts Povetkin down again he'll be worried about getting caught and knocked out again. Obviously he was winning before the knockout in the first fight but I reckon the knockout will be in the back of he's mind during the fight. I actually don't mind if Whyte wins as I wouldn't mind seeing him fight Fury or Wilder. Even if he loses he could probably fight Dubois, if he beats Joyce, which I think he will. Hopefully over the next year we'll get most of these fights sorted in the heavyweights as boxing does my head in nowadays as all these fighters and promoters can't seem to work together to sort out the fights we all want to see.


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