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Should we COVID Lockdown properly or not at all?  

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I know I ain't the only one but whilst I am frustrated with the restrictions of COVID I am fed up of hearing about lockdown. Now I understand there is a virus going around but all these different tier lockdowns are doing my head in. I also understand that the government want to lower the rate of COVID infections and deaths with lockdowns for areas with higher rates, such as the lockdowns in Liverpool and Manchester which have recently been put into place. However, the way I see it is lockdown properly or not at all, and by properly I mean the whole country instead of adding restrictions to all areas with different tiers. The tiers do not make sense as they are counter productive. For instance I can't meet a friend from a different household for a drink at the pub but I can work with a lot of colleagues from different households or go shopping around different people. A proper lockdown will affect many businesses and those that suffer financial losses I do feel sorry for but if we are not going to do a proper lockdown, even if for only 2 weeks, I don't see the point of tier restrictions as I see people on a daily bases not following them. Some people don't follow them by no fault of there own, such as at working around others. However, some people don't seem to care or are not taking restrictions seriously. To be fair when the whole country was on lockdown at the start of the pandemic less people broke the lockdown as the restrictions were simple, stay indoors. Now with all these tiers people are confused or just don't see the point as their are too many loopholes. Keep it simple lockdown properly or not at all. 

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I get your point with all these restrictions as not everyone following them. It’s hard to know what the right thing to do is as no one to plan for COVID-19 but the government keeps bringing out unproven different stats everyday which don’t help. You are right as they should keep it simple and just lockdown even for a short period but as they say money talks. With all these government grants, loans and furlough that have gone out they ain’t going to do a full lockdown to try to save any money they can. It’s funny that it’s been over 6 months with COVID and yet the government keep changing plans on a daily basis. It’s hard to know what to believe anymore when it comes to COVID strategies but again it’s hard to plan for something that was unplanned for. However, over 6 months later it still feels like we haven’t done or learnt anything. It’s frustrating people which is why they are acting out and with Christmas coming and the weather getting colder it’s only going to get worse. 


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