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Ridiculous we do not have enough COVID tests  

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When it comes to politics I'll admit that it is one of my weakest subjects but I can not understand how Boris Johnson has let the country down by not having enough COVID test in place. Now I don't want to criticise politicians too much as handling the COVID crisis was always going to be open to debates on many fronts but this current lack of testing is nonsense. When the country went into lock down in March Boris and other health experts said their would be a second wave around September/October as that is when the flu season starts. Knowing this how could they not plan for more test to be put in place?

I am class as a key worker I have had to work through COVID. During lock down I would attend a test centre or have the home kit to make sure I did not have the virus and was able to work. I work in a building with over 50 colleagues and meet with hundreds of members of the public through the week. If we had COVID symptoms we would have to self isolate and take a test but now this is impossible. Obviously others are going through a similar thing but now I wonder how do we know who actually has COVID? The government has blamed social gatherings on the recent rise of COVID cases. Whilst the gatherings have not helped, the current lack of test are going to make it worse. I may be working with colleagues that have the virus and may not be aware or can not have a test to check so they spread it more. I am not sure about policies at other working environments but some people may be working with the virus but won't self isolate as they won't get paid unless a test proves they have the virus so they end up spreading it more. How many people have returned to work but now have to have time off again to look after their children as schools have had to close due to lack of test? It is ridiculous that the government did not plan for something that they said was going to happen. I am not sure how much it would have cost to plan for more test but I think it would cost a lot less than the damage another lock down going to create. As I said I am not great on politics but this lack of testing seems like pure stupidity from the top.  


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