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Should we allow 5 subs?  

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Over the past week or so both Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have said we should allow 5 subs during games due to the amount of fixtures. Most of the lower teams in the premier league disagree as they feel it’s an unfair advantage for the bigger clubs. Whilst I see their point as the bigger teams have bigger squads I do think they should have 5 subs. The main reason being every other league around Europe are doing it and I’ve also heard the championship and league 1 & 2 are about to introduce it. Also to be fair to the bigger teams they also play more games with Europe added so probably require the use of 5 subs more. Is it fair that all clubs in Europe can make more sub during their domestic game before a European game in midweek but English clubs can’t? It’s not exactly fair in my opinion but the only issue I would have with 5 subs is if they try to keep it going once football season return to being normal. This is was always going to be difficult as games we’re being played in quick succession due to the late start and early finish for Euro 2020. Therefore in my opinion 5 subs should be put in use for the rest of the season as it was towards the end of last season. 

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