“we’re not PC”

Many people have missed going to the pub when COVID-19 restrictions were introduced to society. Whilst it is not surprising that the first thing we may think when we say pub is alcohol (especially after a stressful day), the pub conversations are the experiences that we tend to enjoy. How many times have you been in a pub conversation and lost the track of time as you are deeply involved in a chat?

There are many things we talk about in pubs. Quite popular are reminiscing about the past, news, TV programmes, sport (especially football), and politics (don’t think Donald Trump ever been this popular). However, the best things about pub conversations are that you can speak openly and disagree freely without being judged. Sometimes it is not just the conversations itself but just having the opportunity to vent your frustrations which can be therapeutic. Free conversations, opinions and thoughts can open up a variety of discussions and can even be bizarre. These experiences can be educational as well as their has been many occasions I have listened to people talk about topics I haven’t got a clue about and been able learn something new.

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We welcome free speech as we value different views, thoughts and opinions. However we do not tolerate or accept any hateful language towards anyone’s beliefs, religion, culture or sexuality. So please keep it friendly.

Since you cannot always go to the pub let us bring the pub to you by introducing you to We are free to join and are open to any free conversation. We have 2 mottos at The first one is we’re not PC as we welcome freedom of speech and different views and opinions. However, our second motto is that it’s a conversation not a confrontation. Everyone is different and have different views, opinions, values and beliefs. It is important that we respect these and whilst we may not agree we do not welcome judgement and discrimination. Therefore whilst we understand conversations can be emotional, especially over something you are passionate about, we do not tolerate or accept any hateful language or views towards anyone’s beliefs, religion, culture or sexuality. 

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